Town Square

Identity's first module and social gathering place.

Town Square

Social Module
Status: In Development


The Town Square is the first Identity module set for release, available to all pledgers with access to the game beta testing phases. As a social module, the Town Square will allow you to create and customize your characters, meet new friends and enjoy a handful of interesting and fun things to do. This is your first preview of what's to come with Identity!

Identity's Town Square, a closed-off section of the Ash Hill city center, gives you a sneak peak at some of the items you've received from pledging to Identity. With a few dozen people per town square server, you can hang out and play games with other Identity fans while waiting on future modules and the full Identity world.

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Features include...

Character customization
After creating your character you'll find tattoo parlors, barber shops and more to help achieve a unique look.
All those social bits
You'll have no trouble making friends with Identity's world-class voice communication system. When you do meet new people, add them to your friends list using your in-game smartphone. Your contacts will even carry over into the full Identity game!
Access to player owned housing
If you've pledged to Identity's development and received an apartment or penthouse, you'll be able to explore all of its features. From decorating to furnishing, see what you can do with custom housing. Make your home your own or invite friends to join you.
Cinema playing real movies
The Ash Hill cinema has only one screen, in contrast to the enormous cinema in Roseport, although you'll find real movies playing around the clock. It's a great place to enjoy the classics with new and old friends.
Food, drinks and drugs
Popcorn for a movie, coffee and beer, or maybe something not on the menu; it's all here in the Town Square for those looking to quench their thirst and have some fun.
Art and drawing, including an art gallery
Grab a canvas and some paint to show your artistic talents (or whatever it is you have). Those who really know what they're doing could find their work on the walls of the prestigous Ash Hill art gallery for all to see.
Read real books or write your own
A small library is filled with real classic stories and novels for you to enjoy. For a nice place to read you might find others in the coffee shop, listening to real-world radio stations. If you want to share your own adventures, not only can you write your own books but you can even submit them to the library for thousands of other players to read.
A fully functional karaoke bar
The karaoke bar is full of absolutely terrible singers, and a few decent ones! Whether you're talented or as horrible as the Asylum team, karaoke with a bunch of other players is always fun and usually hilarious.
Plus additional content added regularly!
The great thing about Identity's modules is that it lets us share some of the cool and fun stuff we create before Identity is ready itself. We'll continue to expand the Town Square with new content and games all the time, right up until Identity hits the shelves!

Development Tasks Remaining

Take a look inside the Asylum Entertainment studio; here you see a summary of the tasks our developers are working on for the release of the Town Square module. Release is very close, and now you can follow development as it happens.

Tasks listed are those as of April 19, 2018.
Last updated 1 day ago.


2D Graphics [1 Tasks]
Completed [1]
Animation [3 Tasks]
Completed [3]
Environment [5 Tasks]
Completed [5]
Props [1 Tasks]
Completed [1]
Technical Art [13 Tasks]
Completed [13]
UI and UX [3 Tasks]
Completed [3]

Bug Tracker

[7 Tasks]
Completed [7]


Gameplay [10 Tasks]
In Testing [1]
Completed [9]
Systems [5 Tasks]
Completed [5]
User Interface [14 Tasks]
In Testing [1]
Completed [13]

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